Know your sources part 1

Part I:
Because our cultural identity was taken from our ancestors we are steady trying to find where we belong. It always tickles me that so many of us are quick down Christianity but will jump on Egyptian religions. Both depict/describe people of brown skin tone however the biggest argument is that the bible was given to us during slave times but they fail to acknowledge who gave them the Egyptian translations. If it was for
Jean-François Champollion (French) and Thomas Young (British) with the Rosetta stone you wouldn’t have any of that info. However he didn’t speak ancient Egyptian he learned a later Egyptian language that helped but if it wasn’t for the Rosetta stone being written in many different languages no one would know anything. However the fact is these are educated guesses based on info coming from 2 white men about 1500 years after Ancient Egyptians ceased to exist. British and French (2 of the many involved in a slave trade), the same that is argued that gave us the bible also gave you your hoteps. Also it’s argued the bible came after and is copied from ancient Egyptian texts but I have to get into that later. I have multiple theories.  Also I’m not saying one is wrong or right, I’m saying know your sources. Also FYI, some Africa had Christianity before the slave trade, not as popular but it was there. I just feel if everyone is trying to steer you away from something and trying to push something else on you then you better take a good second look at what they trying to turn you from. Everyone has a right to believe what they choose, just if your going to knock one give better reasons. If I’m wrong in anyway please let me know
To be continued…


The Concept of Forgiveness

Forgiveness means I will not carry harsh feelings against you for your actions. Forgiveness is never for the other party but for yourself. That’s the thing that people don’t realize. Forgiveness is allowing your mind to be free of the burden of the hurt, discomfort, distrust, etc that person has placed on you. It’s freeing yourself from trapped emotions. You can’t truly forgive until you have forgiven yourself. It’s usually we self blame; I knew better, I should of listen to myself, I shouldn’t have been here or there, I should of..could of.. would of. When you forgive yourself then forgiveness is real. Forgiveness doenst mean forgiving, it means accepting the situation and moving on from it, building from it either with the person or on your own (that could be family, friends, co workers, romantic relationships). Allowing yourself to free from it, removing the constant burden of it, and now allowing whatever it is to dictate your direction. When you say I forgive you, you are saying I forgive myself for allowing this situation to haunt me (not hurt me, but burden you) and I’m moving on from it. That’s my opinion

Indefinable me…

You can not attempt to dictate WHO I AM to me… I know me. I’m not a confused lost little girl with no direction and no sense of self. I don’t follow the trends cause I have no care to fit in.. the little box that that you want to be you can carry the idea of me in your pocket like a collection of your stereotypes… I defy all boundaries and will continue to push the tender edges of existence as we know…I have no desire to be who you want me to be… the limitations of your mind are too small for my evolution… I know me… I don’t need your interpretations of my actions, you’ll never know my intentions… I know me… I found me years ago…and I continue to find me with every year of growth… I am indefinable, undefined, and multi dimensional… once you think you know me, I will open up like a lotus and expand like the universes into multitudes of elements you have yet to fathom.. you can not define me

I’m regards to why someones sexual prefrence is important :

In response to why someones sexual prefrence matters:

It doesn’t make a difference to adults or this generation, however it does make a major difference in the influence of the up coming generations. It’s a major deal for black community because we already have low birth rates, low infant mortality especially for males, high imprisonment, high abortion rates, lower highschool and college graduates, high poverty, etc etc and all of this is important to the continued existence of black Americans.  In the USA we are already outnumbered by the Hispanics and are the 3rd largest group. There is no other group like us that share the diaspora history. It is very possible for us to go extinct. Not talking all black skinned people or African ppl. Just Africans of the diaspora, just like other kinds of people have gone extinct. The gay/lesbian issue is important to us because our available women already out number our available men. Regardless of what you think you can influence someone to be gay/lesbian/bisexuals which in turn would limit reproduction. The studies of brain wash, perception and propaganda is very big and important in the governement from sales to making us believe we have choices. It’s all influenced and you can study it yourself. It’s the study of the brain and how the mind works. Anyway mostly black men are highlighted as being gay, flamboyant gay and they profit from that stereotype. Not just as a joke but from the makeup, clothes and weaves they promote. As far as women, since many women tend to run into no good men it’s starting to be promoted that they can find trust and love in a women. All this further destroys the black family… well what the drugs, prison, and mental psychosis of slavery and the after math didnt. There’s so much I can say on the topic but I’d have to go through all the different things from the beginning.  We will begin to see the effects in our great grandchildren.  The 2012 census showed a decrease for the first time in history of America more white Americans dying then being born. The only group to have that happen in that year. It’s said that minority children under 5 together out number  the non Hispanic white American children. Its projected that by 2044 White Americans will be a minority in America. Better pay attention. Nothing is by accident, everything is strategically planned. Also FYI Asians and Hispanics had the greatest increase and they have an entire country of people so Blacks of the Diaspora better get it together.


The reason I don’t watch the news is they always will edit the news to fit what will sell. And stereotypes sell, violence sells. As long as there is division it’s all good but once everyone starts to come together it’s bad. I don’t argue African issues with other races because everyone is so disconnected. The Jews were in camp for 3 years and the world acknowledges the the hardships, the acknowledge the brutality, they acknowledge the mental issues that would come out of that. Our ancestors were enslaved for over 400 years, working from sun up to sun down with poor nutrition, beat, families separated, raped male and female, murdered as an example, our babies used as bait, used in ever way possible, abused, and the mental anguish was passed on for generation to generation for over 400 years, then we spend another 103 years oppressed, raped, murdered, and not allowed equal rights as “free people”  now it’s been 47 years of silent/secretive oppression (lack of equal education, lack health food options in our mostly black communities, still live with the fear of our children being taken from us, complete control of economics in the communities etc)….there is so much untold history and so much people easily ignore because it’s not apart of their world. I’m all for peaceful protests and I’m all for non peaceful protests. The thing is it’s useless in America. The only way things will be equal and fair is if we conform to their society. We’ve already been raped of our African cultures, we can only follow our family tree back a few generations (the farthest I can go back is my great grandmas and I can find out about my parents grandparents but after that nothing; how nice is it to be able to trace your family tree back to The original country and then trace back from there), we can’t build a united culture because everything we do collectively is first criticized and condemn and then later stolen as high fashion or the new cool urban terms(our culture that we try to build is not for sale), we conform daily to survive. We’ve been divided for over 500 years. Everyone has talked about our gangs killing each other, so when they come together it’s an issue.  Gangs have never been about robbing and killing, gangs have always been about survival in a unit and those are reactions to a country that was never meant for us. People fail to realize who controls the education, who controls access to resources and who controls zoning for businesses. The common person has no say over what the school teaches the children, now imagine being the parent that doesn’t know what your child should know either because historically access to education for us has been limited or none.  imagine the only access to products and food are corner stores that stock processed foods and liquor.  Yes we have Africans that have accomplished and yes we are slowly progressing but those are the few in comparison. Don’t discuss what you see the news telling you or try to discuss African issue until. You learn the  true history and have experienced life as we have.

Top 10 things to not say to me in discussion of racial issues

If we are discussing racial issues or American history in regards to slavery and oppression the top 10 to not say to me:
1) if you don’t like it here, go back to Africa (trust I surely will without your say so)

2) everything is equal because we have a black president (his race wouldn’t be such a big deal in 2015 if things were all good)

3) Africans sold their own people into slavery (they they sold other tribes into slavery but not knowing the conditions they would met, they were trying to protect their people and trade good just as every other conquered culture has including the natives allowed certain people to join the settlers/conquers)

4) black people kill other black people all the time (ok white people kill other whites people at a greater number, but that’s not what we are taking about so your point is?)

5) white people were slaves also in America (seriously?!? Do I even have to explain the difference and indentured servitude doesn’t count anyway *side eye*)

6) the Jews had it hard too (hhhmm 3 years vs over 500 of slavery+oppression)

7) the black panthers were a terrorist group (and so is the U.S. Military, what’s your point)

8) black people are racist too ( no black people can be prejudiced but in order for us to be racist we would have to have some sort of power. Tell me how does black prejudices effect your life and opportunity? … I’ll wait)

9) all people are the same, we should just treat everyone the same (no don’t take the rest of my history and ancestry from me! Please acknowledge my differences. I am proud of my people.)

10) If “they” just act like respectable citizens nothing would happen to them ( regardless something may happen, not all the people killed or harmed were involved in criminal behavior and non worth the death sentence. Regardless the things we do naturally would be seen as uncivil. We dance wildly, we sing loudly, we joke and are very playful. We slur our words and love chopping the English language to make our own as we always have since the time that ours were taking away from us. We wear bright colors and love thingss that are shiny/blingy. I don’t want to conform to your societal views of tameness especially since the past has shown a very shady history from the civilized. I don’t want equality if it means conformity. We should be free to be us but we are ridiculed or seen/used as entertainment when we are.)




I wish I never let those teachers in middle school make me feel like my writing was useless because today I’d be an amazing writer. I wish I would of kept all my poems and essays. Honestly If I could go back in time I would get them. I knew I didn’t deserve a D+ for simply missing spelling culture and I knew I wrote those poems that she said was far too advanced for a 13 year old child. I guess I wasn’t suppose to understand the black experience at 12/13. It was supposed to be all good, but since I choose to write my projects on black/African/AA culture I received a D and a C. They couldn’t tell me why I received those grades when I asked them other then. You misspelled culture and there’s no way you wrote those poems but I can’t find your source so I’m just going to give you a C to teach you about cheating. I’ve never cheated on a school project in my life. I was a student that wouldn’t even use a calculator because I wanted to understand the process to finding the answer. I would only use it when I had to and to check answers. I was in an advanced English class, why wouldn’t my writing be advanced? I’ve gotten A’s and B’s on everything else, why wouldn’t why writing be advanced. So I stopped writing, my feelings were hurt after 2 years in a row of this. I wish I didn’t let them stop me. I refuse to let that happen to my daughters. They get grades and marks now and Nevaeh should be advanced a crossed the board almost (she’s not very physical) she’s working 1 grade ahead and knocking it out the water but she doesn’t get 4’s from the teacher that comes in once a month, she gets 2 and 3’s. I know she doesn’t spend nothing but an hour here and she can’t get the full scope of her work but I don’t share these grades with the girls although  they aren’t bad because my children will not be defined by a letter or a number.

Notes: To Ponder the 13th amendment and our prisons system

To Ponder: 13th amendment and our prison system

Our prison system is estimated to be worth 74 billion dollars, USA is ranked #1 in the World, and  imagine all the jobs that would be lost if there were less prisoners; officers, lawyers/attorneys, judges, D.A’s, guards, nurses, dentists, psychologists, assistants of all sorts etc etc. There are so many people that benefit off the prison system. The 13th amendment states that all persons are free unless they are in prisoned. The Average of the minimum wages for prisoners paid by the states, in dollars per day for non-industry work, is $0.93 a day. Via the FBI stats “Of all adults arrested in 2012, 69.7 were white, 27.6 percent were black, and 2.7 percent were of other races. White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race, accounting for 58.7 percent of those arrests.” These are arrests not convictions but blacks make up 60% of prison population. For our youth, “Nationwide, African-Americans represent 26% of juvenile arrests, 44% of youth who are detained, 46% of the youth who are judicially waived to criminal court, and 58% of the youth admitted to state prisons (Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice).” We make up 13% of the population. Seems like prison is a big business.

When the ball is dropped… By Sherrell T.

What r we (women) suppose to do when ya’ll drop the ball – We hold it down? Right and raise our babies. How many times should a person ask another person for forgiveness. If you ask me…once is too many. Whats really mental abuse to any child is knowing that their daddy cant be a daddy for whatever reason…whether its another female, jail, or a JOB (or now the fucking music industry…when half of them MFer dont even have flows.) It def take two parents to raise a child but how much of that weight is bear on a mothers shoulders? Because of whatever reason. Because of whatever reason doesnt matter we do it. There’s def a reason why it only take you (men) a push and a squirt to produce a child when we (women) have to invest in a lifetime to those seeds. So with that FUCK all the men that don’t handle there responsibility…Fuck all those men that choose Bitches over their babies…FUCK all those men that run around town… impregnating anything willing to open their legs…Fuck all men that choose to sell drug and not get a job..Fuck all those men that leach off of females…Fuck all those men thats spend half of there lives in jail…Fuck all those men who refuse to acknowledge a strong women when they see one…And this has nothing to do with you directly but ever wonder why….I’ve experienced some of the same shit you’ve been through becuz most men aint shit. Thank you for helping realize the one I got now is the best.