Balancing lifes Equations

Many people ask me why I like math and why I have chosen it as one of my majors.  To many math is a world of utter confusion of mixtures of numbers, letters, greek symbols, and whatever else the good ‘ol wise mathematicians of the past could ponder up to represent the some abstract thought.  My reasons, besides I’m generally good at it, lies deep within the logical inner workings of the mathematics process.  Math represents a world of numbers and symbols that my mind gets lost within.  Although he process maybe difficult ( and long), you may not always know if your going the right way or using in the right formula to solve the problem in the end there is always one result.  There maybe different ways of showing the same answer like using fractions, decimals, powers, and so forth but in the end, it all means the same.  The beginning is usually complex, but as you factor out the unnecessary exponents and cancel out the negatives with the positives in the problem , the solution begins to become more clear.  Near the end, the problem is less complex and you begin gaining confidence in your chosen route.  The change’s you’ve calculated move very close to your limit but in  the end your limits disappear; your solution is obvious.  What I love about math is there is only one correct answer.  Regardless of the path you take, only one answer remains in the world of math.  Math is like to life , although life can have many solutions to the problems you face only one is the correct one for you.

In life we choose which formulas to use to solve our problems.  The beginning is complex, the process not always easy and at times discouraging.  We have our limits set by ourselves, society, and others, but in the end our limits disappear.  Many of us come very close to the nothing, the zero, but don’t ever reach it instead we find our solution.  We factor things our of our lives and cancel the negatives with the positives.  Although it may not sum up to be product we envisioned at the beginning of our endeavors.  The correct answer is always what is best for me.


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