I lay on the sofa staring at the ceiling while my eldest rolled around all over me ( she’s three).  I lay, thinking, with the happy giggles of her made up game slowly fading into the background as my mind consumed my private thoughts.  I think back to those past moments when I’d get those quick urges to run as long as I could or drive as far as I could.  Into places that are new and undiscovered by me.  To places where people look at you with unfamiliar glances, glaze with unknowing eyes.  I would settle there with my girls.  A place where their giggles can roam freely and there are no high walls for their laughs to echo off of. 

My epiphany.  What boundary is blocking me?  None, but my own.  I realize that nothing but the limits I set for myself is holding me from running as fast as I can into my dreams. Nothing is preventing me from dreaming till I awake and realize my dreams have become my reality.  My epiphany.  The only walls we have preventing us are the walls we build around ourselves.

I have accomplished so much in these past few years.  I’m grateful for the opportunities I have been given.  Everything I have lost in the past, I have achieved once again.  I’ve been running, pushing, and still have a lot more run in me.  I’m slowly tearing down these walls that surround me.  In the end, hands bloody, bruised, and blistered, I will stand my aching sore body up straight and look where that wall was standing and run right in to my dreams.  My epiphany.


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