To My Baby Bear On Her 5th Birthday

I can’t believe today your 5.  You’ve grown so much and have learned so much more,  You are truly an amazing, one of a kind, child.  I’ve a so blessed to have a child that is as compassionate, adventurous  brave, tough and silly as you are.  You have such a loving heart and you are definitely mommy’s cuddle button.  I love how you look out for others, your always the one to notice the “lost” child in the store and demand we find their mommy (which I always agree).  I’ll admit my heart pounds heavy on the inside when you climb all the way to the top of the “big kid” jungle gym; you are so brave and adventurous.  The look of accomplishment as you complete your goals and your self perseverance makes me so proud.  I love how you take every challenge by the horns and conquer it.  With all the love you have inside, you are still one tough little girl.  You amaze me how you can pick yourself back up after you fall, examine your own scraps and bruises and go back to playing without mommy bandaging it up.  You stick up for yourself, when friends say they “aren’t your friends anymore” or “you can’t play”, you politely tell them you’ll play by yourself.  Although you drive me crazy sometime with your silliness, you are full of personality.  Your smile warms me to my soul. Your laugh tickles everyone that hears it.  You glow with your own personality.  I love our conversations,  your “bo-boogie”, and how you light up a room.  You are mommy’s big girl.

In a few months you’ll be headed for kindergarten where you’ll be faced with new challenges, learn new things, meet new friends, and gain a new independence.  I’m excited to see the new ways you’ll grow.  I’m not worried as you prepare to step away from mommy on your new adventures because I know  your brave enough to climb to the top. I know your silliness will allow you to smile when it gets tough. I know your tough enough to be yourself.  I know your loving spirit will guide you and you’ll make lots of friends.  As you take your first baby steps into a new world, mommy’s heart will always pound anxiously for you as you encounter new challenges, but know I will always be there to support you if you slip on the way up to the top.  

As you grow into adulthood, you’ll meet so many new challenges. I hope you follow your passions. I hope you continue to seek adventures and face new challenges as brave as you do now.  I hope you keep some of your silliness so you can smile when times get tough.  I hope your brave enough to climb to the top and reach your goals.  If you ever start to feel like that “lost child”, know that mommy will be there to guide you.  When a bar seems to high to reach on the jungle gym of life, mommy will be there to support you.

I love you so much my baby bear.  Happy 5th Birthday.


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