When the ball is dropped… By Sherrell T.

What r we (women) suppose to do when ya’ll drop the ball – We hold it down? Right and raise our babies. How many times should a person ask another person for forgiveness. If you ask me…once is too many. Whats really mental abuse to any child is knowing that their daddy cant be a daddy for whatever reason…whether its another female, jail, or a JOB (or now the fucking music industry…when half of them MFer dont even have flows.) It def take two parents to raise a child but how much of that weight is bear on a mothers shoulders? Because of whatever reason. Because of whatever reason doesnt matter we do it. There’s def a reason why it only take you (men) a push and a squirt to produce a child when we (women) have to invest in a lifetime to those seeds. So with that FUCK all the men that don’t handle there responsibility…Fuck all those men that choose Bitches over their babies…FUCK all those men that run around town… impregnating anything willing to open their legs…Fuck all men that choose to sell drug and not get a job..Fuck all those men that leach off of females…Fuck all those men thats spend half of there lives in jail…Fuck all those men who refuse to acknowledge a strong women when they see one…And this has nothing to do with you directly but ever wonder why….I’ve experienced some of the same shit you’ve been through becuz most men aint shit. Thank you for helping realize the one I got now is the best.


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