I wish I never let those teachers in middle school make me feel like my writing was useless because today I’d be an amazing writer. I wish I would of kept all my poems and essays. Honestly If I could go back in time I would get them. I knew I didn’t deserve a D+ for simply missing spelling culture and I knew I wrote those poems that she said was far too advanced for a 13 year old child. I guess I wasn’t suppose to understand the black experience at 12/13. It was supposed to be all good, but since I choose to write my projects on black/African/AA culture I received a D and a C. They couldn’t tell me why I received those grades when I asked them other then. You misspelled culture and there’s no way you wrote those poems but I can’t find your source so I’m just going to give you a C to teach you about cheating. I’ve never cheated on a school project in my life. I was a student that wouldn’t even use a calculator because I wanted to understand the process to finding the answer. I would only use it when I had to and to check answers. I was in an advanced English class, why wouldn’t my writing be advanced? I’ve gotten A’s and B’s on everything else, why wouldn’t why writing be advanced. So I stopped writing, my feelings were hurt after 2 years in a row of this. I wish I didn’t let them stop me. I refuse to let that happen to my daughters. They get grades and marks now and Nevaeh should be advanced a crossed the board almost (she’s not very physical) she’s working 1 grade ahead and knocking it out the water but she doesn’t get 4’s from the teacher that comes in once a month, she gets 2 and 3’s. I know she doesn’t spend nothing but an hour here and she can’t get the full scope of her work but I don’t share these grades with the girls although  they aren’t bad because my children will not be defined by a letter or a number.


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