The reason I don’t watch the news is they always will edit the news to fit what will sell. And stereotypes sell, violence sells. As long as there is division it’s all good but once everyone starts to come together it’s bad. I don’t argue African issues with other races because everyone is so disconnected. The Jews were in camp for 3 years and the world acknowledges the the hardships, the acknowledge the brutality, they acknowledge the mental issues that would come out of that. Our ancestors were enslaved for over 400 years, working from sun up to sun down with poor nutrition, beat, families separated, raped male and female, murdered as an example, our babies used as bait, used in ever way possible, abused, and the mental anguish was passed on for generation to generation for over 400 years, then we spend another 103 years oppressed, raped, murdered, and not allowed equal rights as “free people”  now it’s been 47 years of silent/secretive oppression (lack of equal education, lack health food options in our mostly black communities, still live with the fear of our children being taken from us, complete control of economics in the communities etc)….there is so much untold history and so much people easily ignore because it’s not apart of their world. I’m all for peaceful protests and I’m all for non peaceful protests. The thing is it’s useless in America. The only way things will be equal and fair is if we conform to their society. We’ve already been raped of our African cultures, we can only follow our family tree back a few generations (the farthest I can go back is my great grandmas and I can find out about my parents grandparents but after that nothing; how nice is it to be able to trace your family tree back to The original country and then trace back from there), we can’t build a united culture because everything we do collectively is first criticized and condemn and then later stolen as high fashion or the new cool urban terms(our culture that we try to build is not for sale), we conform daily to survive. We’ve been divided for over 500 years. Everyone has talked about our gangs killing each other, so when they come together it’s an issue.  Gangs have never been about robbing and killing, gangs have always been about survival in a unit and those are reactions to a country that was never meant for us. People fail to realize who controls the education, who controls access to resources and who controls zoning for businesses. The common person has no say over what the school teaches the children, now imagine being the parent that doesn’t know what your child should know either because historically access to education for us has been limited or none.  imagine the only access to products and food are corner stores that stock processed foods and liquor.  Yes we have Africans that have accomplished and yes we are slowly progressing but those are the few in comparison. Don’t discuss what you see the news telling you or try to discuss African issue until. You learn the  true history and have experienced life as we have.


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