Top 10 things to not say to me in discussion of racial issues

If we are discussing racial issues or American history in regards to slavery and oppression the top 10 to not say to me:
1) if you don’t like it here, go back to Africa (trust I surely will without your say so)

2) everything is equal because we have a black president (his race wouldn’t be such a big deal in 2015 if things were all good)

3) Africans sold their own people into slavery (they they sold other tribes into slavery but not knowing the conditions they would met, they were trying to protect their people and trade good just as every other conquered culture has including the natives allowed certain people to join the settlers/conquers)

4) black people kill other black people all the time (ok white people kill other whites people at a greater number, but that’s not what we are taking about so your point is?)

5) white people were slaves also in America (seriously?!? Do I even have to explain the difference and indentured servitude doesn’t count anyway *side eye*)

6) the Jews had it hard too (hhhmm 3 years vs over 500 of slavery+oppression)

7) the black panthers were a terrorist group (and so is the U.S. Military, what’s your point)

8) black people are racist too ( no black people can be prejudiced but in order for us to be racist we would have to have some sort of power. Tell me how does black prejudices effect your life and opportunity? … I’ll wait)

9) all people are the same, we should just treat everyone the same (no don’t take the rest of my history and ancestry from me! Please acknowledge my differences. I am proud of my people.)

10) If “they” just act like respectable citizens nothing would happen to them ( regardless something may happen, not all the people killed or harmed were involved in criminal behavior and non worth the death sentence. Regardless the things we do naturally would be seen as uncivil. We dance wildly, we sing loudly, we joke and are very playful. We slur our words and love chopping the English language to make our own as we always have since the time that ours were taking away from us. We wear bright colors and love thingss that are shiny/blingy. I don’t want to conform to your societal views of tameness especially since the past has shown a very shady history from the civilized. I don’t want equality if it means conformity. We should be free to be us but we are ridiculed or seen/used as entertainment when we are.)


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