I’m regards to why someones sexual prefrence is important :

In response to why someones sexual prefrence matters:

It doesn’t make a difference to adults or this generation, however it does make a major difference in the influence of the up coming generations. It’s a major deal for black community because we already have low birth rates, low infant mortality especially for males, high imprisonment, high abortion rates, lower highschool and college graduates, high poverty, etc etc and all of this is important to the continued existence of black Americans.  In the USA we are already outnumbered by the Hispanics and are the 3rd largest group. There is no other group like us that share the diaspora history. It is very possible for us to go extinct. Not talking all black skinned people or African ppl. Just Africans of the diaspora, just like other kinds of people have gone extinct. The gay/lesbian issue is important to us because our available women already out number our available men. Regardless of what you think you can influence someone to be gay/lesbian/bisexuals which in turn would limit reproduction. The studies of brain wash, perception and propaganda is very big and important in the governement from sales to making us believe we have choices. It’s all influenced and you can study it yourself. It’s the study of the brain and how the mind works. Anyway mostly black men are highlighted as being gay, flamboyant gay and they profit from that stereotype. Not just as a joke but from the makeup, clothes and weaves they promote. As far as women, since many women tend to run into no good men it’s starting to be promoted that they can find trust and love in a women. All this further destroys the black family… well what the drugs, prison, and mental psychosis of slavery and the after math didnt. There’s so much I can say on the topic but I’d have to go through all the different things from the beginning.  We will begin to see the effects in our great grandchildren.  The 2012 census showed a decrease for the first time in history of America more white Americans dying then being born. The only group to have that happen in that year. It’s said that minority children under 5 together out number  the non Hispanic white American children. Its projected that by 2044 White Americans will be a minority in America. Better pay attention. Nothing is by accident, everything is strategically planned. Also FYI Asians and Hispanics had the greatest increase and they have an entire country of people so Blacks of the Diaspora better get it together.


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