Indefinable me…

You can not attempt to dictate WHO I AM to me… I know me. I’m not a confused lost little girl with no direction and no sense of self. I don’t follow the trends cause I have no care to fit in.. the little box that that you want to be you can carry the idea of me in your pocket like a collection of your stereotypes… I defy all boundaries and will continue to push the tender edges of existence as we know…I have no desire to be who you want me to be… the limitations of your mind are too small for my evolution… I know me… I don’t need your interpretations of my actions, you’ll never know my intentions… I know me… I found me years ago…and I continue to find me with every year of growth… I am indefinable, undefined, and multi dimensional… once you think you know me, I will open up like a lotus and expand like the universes into multitudes of elements you have yet to fathom.. you can not define me


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