The Concept of Forgiveness

Forgiveness means I will not carry harsh feelings against you for your actions. Forgiveness is never for the other party but for yourself. That’s the thing that people don’t realize. Forgiveness is allowing your mind to be free of the burden of the hurt, discomfort, distrust, etc that person has placed on you. It’s freeing yourself from trapped emotions. You can’t truly forgive until you have forgiven yourself. It’s usually we self blame; I knew better, I should of listen to myself, I shouldn’t have been here or there, I should of..could of.. would of. When you forgive yourself then forgiveness is real. Forgiveness doenst mean forgiving, it means accepting the situation and moving on from it, building from it either with the person or on your own (that could be family, friends, co workers, romantic relationships). Allowing yourself to free from it, removing the constant burden of it, and now allowing whatever it is to dictate your direction. When you say I forgive you, you are saying I forgive myself for allowing this situation to haunt me (not hurt me, but burden you) and I’m moving on from it. That’s my opinion


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