Know your sources part 1

Part I:
Because our cultural identity was taken from our ancestors we are steady trying to find where we belong. It always tickles me that so many of us are quick down Christianity but will jump on Egyptian religions. Both depict/describe people of brown skin tone however the biggest argument is that the bible was given to us during slave times but they fail to acknowledge who gave them the Egyptian translations. If it was for
Jean-François Champollion (French) and Thomas Young (British) with the Rosetta stone you wouldn’t have any of that info. However he didn’t speak ancient Egyptian he learned a later Egyptian language that helped but if it wasn’t for the Rosetta stone being written in many different languages no one would know anything. However the fact is these are educated guesses based on info coming from 2 white men about 1500 years after Ancient Egyptians ceased to exist. British and French (2 of the many involved in a slave trade), the same that is argued that gave us the bible also gave you your hoteps. Also it’s argued the bible came after and is copied from ancient Egyptian texts but I have to get into that later. I have multiple theories.  Also I’m not saying one is wrong or right, I’m saying know your sources. Also FYI, some Africa had Christianity before the slave trade, not as popular but it was there. I just feel if everyone is trying to steer you away from something and trying to push something else on you then you better take a good second look at what they trying to turn you from. Everyone has a right to believe what they choose, just if your going to knock one give better reasons. If I’m wrong in anyway please let me know
To be continued…


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