I am a mother of soon to be 3 and I am a small business owner.  I enjoy discussing topics that I feel are important. Topics such parenting, education, articles I’ve read and African American knowledge.  In a way, Just Speech can be viewed as my diary.  All the thoughts ( and I have a lot of them) and things that I have experienced or currently experiencing may be included.   I research, I vent, I express my joy, fears, concerns, and whatever else comes to mind.  That is why I emphasize respect.  I welcome all comments and will always respect others opinions. Also if you would like to add a blog, note, or essay that you feel fits than please message me and I will consider adding it.  Thanks for taking the time to view Just Speech.


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  1. I like your site. It is a unique website which give your out look on various subjects an also lets the viewers who visit have some input on the subject which is being discussed.


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